Avifauna in the Wetlands and Suburbs of Kollam District, Kerala


  • Vattakandy Jasin Rahman
  • Muhammad Shafi Sirajudeen
  • Anoop Chandra Bhanu


Avian diversity, Wetlands, , IUCN status, ,Habitat degradation


A survey onthe avian diversity in the wetlands and suburbs of Kollam district was
carried out during December 2015 to March 2017. A total of 53species of birds belonging to
34 families from13 orders were recorded. 34 Species of these were residents,14 weremigrants
and 5 were local migrants. Among the birds spotted, the White necked Stork assumes
‘Vulnerable’ status and Oriental White Ibis is ‘Near Threatened’, whereas all other birds
recorded are of ‘Least Concern’ according to the IUCN status. When the Order
Passeriformesregistered higher diversity (18) followed by Pelecaniformes (10),
Charadriiformes (6) and Coraciiformes (5),other Orders represented only one or two
members. This study deserves importance in the context of habitat degradation caused by the
booming industry, construction activities and environmental pollution